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Upload File for group registration. Name and T-shirt size

To register groups of two or more, please email T-shirts sizes to


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Thank You for registering for our event. Please feel free to post your results on our Facebook page and invite family and friends to also take part. Have fun and be safe.

If you are not participating in the event but would still like to purchase a T-shirt, please use the payment option below. 

Participation Information

The Chesapeake BDM is now open for registration and will continue until 1100 EST April 13, 2024 Participants will have all that time to complete the mileage they registered for (1, 5 or 16 miles). The March can be completed in one day or over multiple days depending on your time and physical ability until the last day April 13, 2024 

The run/march is on the honor system. No matter what, have fun! Participate with friends and family together or virtually. We encourage participants to post their results and videos on our Facebook page as you finish. 

The registration $30 fee will include T-Shirt and domestic shipping for 1 mile and 5-mile participants, 16-mile runners and marchers will receive an additional commemorative medal. 

We will look for walkers and runners progress on our Facebook page and share with your community. The Post will have a live closing ceremony at 1200 EST April 13, 2024. 

This is about more than just honoring the Filipinos and Americans who fought and died during the Bataan and Corregidor Campaign it is about teaching our youth about the history of those who sacrificed for their country. 

Runners and walkers can participate anywhere in the world between February 5, 2024 to April 13, 2024. The event is open to all ages, families, sports teams, athletic and social clubs, JROTC, ROTC, Military & First Responders.

The run/walk can be done safely and at your own pace. Please follow local Covid protocols if participating as a group.

$30 for adults 16 and over, $65 for Families of four with children (two adults and two children under 16) or registration for individual children under 16 is $20. Register for the 1- or 5-mile run/walk and receive a T shirt, register for the 16 – mile run/walk, and participants will receive a T-shirt and a commemorative medal.

We will mail T-Shirts out as quickly as we can, we will do our best to get them to you before the last day.


Share the event with your friends and family! We encourage you to post pictures and videos from your participation during the event on our Facebook page.

100% of funds raised go to

VFW Post 2894’s Veteran Outreach Programs. Learn more about our post and activities by clicking the link above.

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