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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to register? 

The walking event is $5.00. We welcome all community members, friends, and families!


Can I register on the day of the walk? 



Will I have to pay for parking?

No. Event parking is free. 


What attire should I wear? 

Wear comfortable fitness or outdoor clothing. We encourage team uniforms/T-shirts for participants who sign up as a group.


Give careful attention to footwear on the day of the event. Wear athletic shoes or hiking boots.


We encourage you bring a backpack or rucksack for safety and hydration materials for the long distance walk.


Are strollers allowed on the trail during the event?



Are dogs allowed?

Yes, as long as you follow the park rules in respect to pets at the park. 


Can I run or ruck with some form of weight?

You may walk, jog, or run at this event. You may ruck your chosen distance (with a pack filled with some sort of weight; i.e. bricks, sand, or canned goods). 


If I ruck with canned goods, will there be a donation bank available?

Yes! There will be a local food bank on site to receive any donations. Thank you for the additional support!


Do I need to bring my own hydration and energy gels?

You should always bring some sort of hydration. However, we will have banana and water at the walk entrance and along the trails. Please stay safe and always bring your own water bottle as a backup. 


Are T-Shirts be available for purchase? 

Yes, the event has an official T-shirts for purchase. T-shirts will be available on the day of the event. You can pre-order via paypal from our merchandise page.

We will take cash, a check (payable to VFW Post 2894-Bataan Death March) and have the ability to charge a credit card for merchandise and donations.


Do you have other merchandise available? 

Yes! We are selling books commemorating this great and historical event. 


Is there going to be food?

You bet! The Post is going to have hotdogs and drinks at the trail head. All the money raised will go to our community outreach and next year's Chesapeake Bataan Death March event.

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