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The Chesapeake BDM will start registration on Monday, February 05, 2024 for both virtual and onsite participants, and continue until 1100 EST April 13, 2024. Participants who choose virtual will have all that time to complete the mileage they registered for (1, 5 or 16 miles). The March can be completed in one day or over multiple days depending on your time and physical ability until the last day April 13, 2024. If the onsite event it cancelled, we will mail the t-shirt and medal.

The virtual run/march is on the honor system. No matter what, have fun! Participate with friends and family together or virtually. We encourage participants to post their results and videos on our Facebook page as you finish. 

Registration  for onsite and virtual will open on February 05, 2024. The registration $30 fee will include T-Shirts and domestic shipping for 1 mile and 5-mile participants, 16-mile runners and marchers will receive an additional commemorative medal. 

We will look for walkers and runners progress on our Facebook page and share with your community. The Post will have a live closing ceremony at 1200 EST April 13, 2024. 


This is about more than just honoring the Filipinos and Americans who fought and died during the Bataan and Corregidor Campaign it is about teaching our youth about the history of those who sacrificed for their country. 

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